United Kingdom (U.K.) Visa Application

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The United Kingdom (U.K.) Also known as Great Britain is a preferred destination for people from many countries. The U.K. allows people from across the globe to visit their country by offering various U.K. visa programs.

If you are planning to visit UK, the first thing that you need to do to accomplish this is obtain a valid U.K. visa. However, visa regulations can be tricky and if not understood properly can lead to a waste of time and money in addition to the disappointment of refusal. That is the sole reason we are here in the market is to take care of all those regulations and let you worry only about making your future plans in the U.K.


Visa programs offered by the U.K.


1. U.K. Standard Visitor or Tourist Visa

If you would like to visit the United Kingdom for a short business exploration/holiday or to meet family members, then a U.K. Standard Tourist Visa is the best option for you. It is usually granted for a period of six months.

For a successful outcome, you need to prove that you intend a genuine visit only for a short duration.  You can prove this by providing evidence in regards to the following items:

  • You`ll leave UK at the end of your visit.
  • You are able to pay for your return journey and any other expenses that come along with the visit.
  • You are able to bear the expense of the dependents (if any), for the duration of the visit.
  • Proof of the activities (like for holidays, meeting family) you are planning to do in the UK.

Once this visa is granted, you can enjoy the below listed privileges:

  • Take part in business related activities
  • Study for up to 30 days
  • Take part in exchange program

However, you cannot

  • Work or live in the UK after expiry of the visa. You cannot get public funds or get married with this visa.

It’s always better to provide as much information as possible to the department in regards to your travel. You should know these details when you are applying for your visa

  • explicit dates on which you’re planning to travel to UK
  • address of the place you’ll be staying at during your visit
  • estimated cost of your trip
  • current address where you are living and the duration for which you’ve lived here
  • your parents’ names and dates of birth


2. U.K. Marriage Visitor Visa

With a U.K. Marriage Visitor Visa, you can get married or register a civil partnership, or give notice of your intention to do so in the UK. This visa will let you marry or enter into a civil partnership in the UK within 6 months of arriving.

You have to prove you are in a genuine relationship and intend to marry in the UK. To prove this, you can submit the following documents:

  • Booking details of the venue (You need to make sure that ceremony must take place at a licensed venue)
  • Proof of your future plans for the relationship, for example documents to show where you’ll live or a letter mentioning all details.
  • Proof of your future plans for the relationship, for example documents to show where you’ll live or a letter mentioning all details.
  • Details of the marriage or civil partnership and proof that you’ve paid money for some of its costs
  • – If you’ve been married before, you’ll need to show proof that you’re free to marry or enter into a civil partnership again, for example a:
    • decree of divorce absolute
    • death certificate of a previous partner

This visa lets you:

  • Stay in the UK for 6 months
  • marry or enter into a civil partnership in the UK within 6 months of your arrival – most importantly, you must use a venue licensed for this purpose.

You cannot work on this visa and can only study for 1 month.

In your documentation you must fulfill the below points:

Both of you are 18 or over

  • You are free to give notice of marriage, to marry or enter into a civil partnership in the UK within 6 months of your arrival
  • You are in a genuine relationship
  • Visiting the UK for less than 6 months for only purpose of marriage and will leave UK at or before the expiry if visa
  • able to support yourself without working or help from public funds


3. U.K. Spouse/Fiancé Visa

UK Spouse Visa is a long-term visa which can be filed only by the applicants who are married/committed to or in a relationship with a British Citizen or who have settled in the UK – for example, they have indefinite leave to remain, settled status or proof of permanent residence.

In order to obtain the UK Spouse Visa, the applicant is bound to fulfil the UK Spouse visa requirements laid down by the UK immigration laws. You need to prove the department following points:

  • Both of you are at least 18 years old or above.
  • not related to each other in a way that would be prohibited for marriage according to the UK Law; have met in person;
  • In a legitimate and subsisting genuine relationship;
  • In a legal marriage in accordance with UK law.

Since it is a long-term visa, there are certain requirements that the sponsor needs to fulfill in order to support your application, these are listed below:

  • Meet the gross annual income threshold of at least £18,600.
  • Provide adequate accommodation in accordance with the UK housing space standards.
  • Be medically fit.
  • No conflicting immigration history (overstaying, breaching law conditions, illegal entry, using misleading information in an application).
  • Be eligible to fulfill all the mandatory requirements stated by the UK law of immigration and not fall under any general grounds of refusal.
  • Both applicant and sponsor are necessary to prove that they: (1) Are in a valid and subsisting relationship; OR (2) have been in a committed relationship and living together for at least 2 years at the time of application.
  • Meet the English language proficiency level.


If you’re applying as a fiancé, fiancée or proposed civil partner

You must prove that:

  • any previous marriage or civil partnerships have ended
  • you plan to marry or become civil partners within 6 months of arriving in the UK


  • You will not be allowed to work during your engagement in the UK.
  • After your marriage, you will be able to apply for a Spouse visa from within the UK.


Duration of Visa

You’ll get permission to stay for 2.5 years on a spouse visa, or for 6 months if you’re applying as a fiancé, fiancée or proposed civil partner.

After this you’ll need to apply to extend your stay. You will be able to apply for indefinite leave to remain after you have lived in the UK continuously for five years.

Note: UK spouse visa, UK same-sex partner visa, UK unmarried partner visa, UK civil partner visa all have the same eligibility criteria with regards to the English language requirement, financial requirements and accommodation standards.


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