Mike, Molly and the entire Olvis Staff

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of the staff and management at Olvis Immigration and Travel Services for a job well done! Please feel free to share my story with your clients.

When I was in the Philippines in August I became engaged to my fiancée Roma. Prior to my Philippine trip to meet my pen pal and soul mate, I had been on the internet researching the immigration process to see exactly what would be required of me and what the requirements would be to bring her home with me. Keep in mind that I am a practicing attorney, just not an immigration attorney.

After 3 months of research on the net and talking with my fellow attorneys and friends who had gone through the process, I knew less than when I started. I looked at one newsgroup and website after another and got very conflicting information from each. For example, one site said the filing fee was $95.00 while another quoted $110.00. It finally got to a point where I realized that there was very little accurate and reliable information out there. I decided that when I got to the Philippines, I would go to the US Embassy there and get the correct forms and information and do it myself. After all, I have been a practicing attorney for the last 25 years, so I imagined that the process would be quite simple and easy for me to accomplish.

So upon arriving in the Philippines, I went to the US Embassy in Manila and requested the necessary forms that are required to file a fiancée visa. I then promptly went to Cebu City to enjoy the rest of my vacation with my fiancée.

A few days later, as we were walking through a mall in Cebu City, I saw your office sign, Olvis Travel and Immigration Services. The signs on the window said that you prepare fiancée and spousal visa applications and could provide assistance and support services for my Roma after I returned to the USA. That part about support services stuck in my mind. When we got back to our hotel, I started to review the forms that I had obtained at the US Embassy and found that I had some questions as how to properly fill them out. I then remembered your Olvis sign, so the next day I returned to the mall and entered your office.

I was greeted by your very friendly staff who told me that the owner and his wife were here from the USA and they promptly introduced me to Mike and Molly.

I told Mike that I would not need his services, as I am an attorney practicing in Los Angeles and could do it myself, but that I had several questions about the forms. Mike said that he would be happy to assist in any way that he could, so I brought out the forms that the Embassy had provided. Mike showed me that some of the forms they had given me were the wrong ones and others were outdated. Indeed, after he further explained the whole visa procurement process to me in detail, I realized that I really was in need of help.

I decided then and there to utilize the services of your fine company and have never regretted a minute of it. Your staff took my fiancée by the hand and led her step by step through the entire process, giving her support and encouragement throughout, while Mike provided help and assistance to me on the fiancée visa application forms required by the US government.

One of the reasons I felt very comfortable with the staff at Olvis was that while I was talking with Mike, I observed how several other couples were being assisted by your friendly and courteous employees.

In short, you and your staff did a great job for both me and Roma. She is now here in the USA with me and we are very happy. It only took 5 months to the day to get her here and we want to thank you for the first class service you gave us.

In retrospect, I know that I could have probably done the paperwork myself, but I see that without your invaluable service in assisting Roma in the Philippines, as well as in filling out and filing all the paperwork and forms promptly and correctly, the whole process would have been much more difficult and time consuming. It would have been quite easy for me to have messed up the whole thing by making some mistake or forgetting some silly detail.

Your thorough knowledge of the whole visa application process and all the tips and information you shared with me, not to mention the speed with which it was accomplished, made your very modest fees a true bargain.

Again, my sincere gratitude and thanks to you and your staff for the excellent professional and courteous service you provided us throughout the entire process.

Your friends always,

Joseph and Roma

Joseph and Roma
Just wanted to take time out to thank you all for making my dream a reality,Jenie and I were Approved on Aug 25th in Manila. We both want to thank you all because without your help this would have been a very difficult task. Mike you should be very proud of your staff for their hard work and excellent service, not just in our case, but many of Jen’s friend were also processed by your agency (Very Well Done) Jen and I plan to visit in March, I hope your all there so we can say thank you in person, again, thanks for your time, patience and understanding though our process. Hey Mike, my voice is always available for ya any time… smile… God Bless you all…
Reggie and Jenie

Mike and Team OLVIS! 

We are home! I wanted to email you as soon as we got settled in with a sincere expression of our gratitude, testimony and undying allegiance to OLVIS and what you do there. 

As you know we began our road with a phone call in November for information that you, Nympha and Emelyn provided without abatement. From the inception we received nothing less than expedient, friendly and extra-ordinary efficiency. Next I visited your office with my fiancée who came in from Dipolog as I came in from San Francisco. We sat and reviewed all of the challenges/obstacles that we were facing that you met head on with zeal and focus.

This is where our path together began. Over the next 3 weeks I received all of my paperwork from you to present to USCIS with every “I” dotted and every “T” crossed accompanied by a full written explanation of all items, expectations and recommendations to facilitate a smooth processing. You could NOT have been more accurate. I followed everything you said to the letter and elected to trust you in each case, even when I thought that perhaps I may know better! 

45-days after my filing with the USCIS we were notified that the K-1 fiancée visa application was approved and within 21-more day’s the embassy was notified. Two weeks later my fiancée received her notice to schedule her medical and interview. 

I am fully aware that not all things go this smoothly, but I am convinced beyond all doubt from our Embassy experiences that it was OLVIS and the work you do that was behind our successful experience! Here is what convinced me: 

When we were scheduled for our May 20th appointments at the Embassy we showed up with all our paperwork in order as you have so beautifully outlined. The 20-30 minute pre-screening interview took 10. The comment by the interviewing agent was that our relationship was beautifully and thoroughly documented and properly in order. Then came the anticipated 30 + minute interview with the Embassy representative. Again he took one look at the paperwork and stated simply that the package was outstanding and perfect. He then said you are approved. After requesting the quickest manner possible to retrieve the visa he collected my fiancées cell number and instructed her to await a call (with no guarantees). The call came the next afternoon and by Sunday we were 35,000 feet and on our way to San Francisco and the beginning of our new life. 

Mike, Jevelyn and I can’t thank you enough for all that you and the OLVIS team have done for us. We ran into many couples who also used various other agencies and have been processing their fiance visa for a year or longer and the stress was visible on their faces with all the problems that they had experienced! But for us, we can’t relate because we chose you! 

Thank you again!
Dan and the soon to be Jevelyn Jobrack
California, USA

Daniel Jobrack

Dear Mike and Olvis Staff: Hi Mike, I would just like to say thanks to you and the staff for all your help and I am so glad that you have this service I don’t know what I would have done without your help. Since I know nothing about visas and all the red tape I certainly wanted someone who does and like I said you are the man. I worked with you 100% so that me and my fiancée could be together as soon as possible and that is exactly what happened, everything went so smoothly. Mike you take care and thank you again for everything we really appreciate what you and the Olvis staff have done for us.

Mark Salt Lake City, UT

Dear Mike and Olvis Staff

With a tremendous joy Jenny just called me to let me know that all went well and she can expect the visa in weeks via 2GO.

Thank you Olvis!! Thank you Fatima and Nympha in helping Jenny to be prepared with the documents and and have the confidence to go into the interview.

Thank you Mike for all the invaluable help and guidance along the way.

Without all of your help we would not have made it.

Jenny and I are just a lucky bunch that we found you guys and girls.

Its a super happy day.

Thanks you,

Mike & Jenny

Mike Veckensteadt

We hope you like these pictures of our wedding and that its not to many photos… We want to thank you and the Olvis staff so much for your wonderful gift and all that you did for Richard and I to make our marriage possible, and helping us do our adjustment of status paper work! You and the Olvis staff are special friends to us and care like family and we will refer others to you!

Meriam Gadbury and Richard Gadbury

To Sir Mike and Staff, We give our sincerest Thank You for assisting us in our visa process. I am approved in my K3 visa interview yesterday. I know that Cort and I would not be where we are today if it were not for your help. I cannot describe how happy we are right now! More Power to you and God Bless!

Mr. and Mrs. Cort Hughes

Hi Mike, Thanks!! We just got married back on June 29th and we’ve been having a great time here in Las Vegas so far. I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed already with all the new paperwork we need to do, like you mention in this email. She would like to get a job as soon as possible so she can help out her family back in The Philippines more. What do you charge to help us with all this new paperwork? Things went extremely well using the Visa process, so we’re both very happy we hired Olvis and I would recommend your company to anyone going through this. Here’s a wedding picture for you all!

Nick & Ruby

Dear Mike, I Hope God is blessing you and wife. I’m writing these words to tell you what a huge blessing you and staff have been for me and wife. Your staff in Cebu, Emilyn, Molly, Gina, Dodong, Ronald, Nympha, Gerven, Rhodelyn, Darwin, Jun and Paulo are great people to deal with, they become like our family, they do such a great job, be proud of them. Nancy and me have a lot of appreciation and respect for them. Jun, become our Godfather, he is such a nice person, he is my friend forever. Keep up the good work, you are making happy a lot of people. I got to tell you that Nancy and me miss each other a lot. She is a wonderful woman with a kind heart. Everybody at your office fell in Love with her. Once more thanks from our heart, my best wishes for you and staff. Take care my friend, when I needed you the most you were there for me, I won’t forget. I hope someday we meet in person, hopefully in Cebu, so all of us could have a dinner like family. God bless you always. Your friend, Francisco (Paco) PS Complements for your immigration lady Gina, She is a sweetheart…

Paco and Nancy

Hi there! Just wanted you to know that Maricel and her son (Sanny) are doing fine. We got married in Gatlinburg, TN on April 11. It was a small wedding that was a package deal to include all matters of the stay and wedding at large. Please note that they both have received their conditional green cards. Sometime next year we will have petition for them to be changed permanently. I believe things are going great for us. Maricel and Sanny have adjusted well. She is a stay at home mom and does take care of us all. Maricel is a gift from God! I look forward in being with her and our son forever. It is a pleasure to have them in my life. They bring me so much joy and happiness to me. I have never been happier than now. I consider myself lucky for having both of them in my life. Thanks for all your support and guidance! Without your support it would have been impossible for this to have happened. THANKS!

Thomas and Maricel T Davis