The success of Olvis Immigration and Visa support services can be attributed to its founder, Mike, who understands exactly how overwhelming the immigration process can be.

While on his first flight to the Philippines to meet his pen pal over 30 years ago, he was suddenly struck by the reality of flying 10,000 miles to marry someone he had never met. Suddenly feeling lost and helpless, he thought, “I must be out of my mind!”

Upon landing he was overwhelmed by both the thronging crowd and a sense of being totally lost. He had no idea what to do or where to go. After finally finding and meeting his fiancée he still had no idea what to do next. He knew some type of paperwork would have to be done, but he had no idea what, how or where.

Olvis Immigration and Visa support services believes that no one should have to go through the same experience. That is why we are the only ONLINE Fianceè/Spousal Visa processing company in the Philippines that provides full assistance from arrival to departure. Client convenience is one of the many values that this company was founded on. It is because we care that we go that extra mile to ensure that your experience will be a pleasant one.

Today, Olvis Immigration and Visa Support Services boasts of an office in the Philippines as well as a document center in the U.S. We have a competent and fully-equipped staff that speaks your loved ones native tongue, and a real American Immigration Specialist who will guide you every step of the way. Someone who is as close as the toll-free number below!