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1. Not Preparing for the Interview

2. Neglecting to correct health problems before the official examination
April 13, 2016

1. Not Preparing for the Interview

This is a very common blunder as there is a real misconception that preparation is not needed as English is the language of communication and people in the Philippines speak English.

But it is not just language that you have to worry about for the interview situation, it is also culture and often Filipinas will not ask enough questions and just pretend they understand so as not to upset the foreigner they are speaking with.

This can often result in the wrong answer being given to a question which may weigh badly on the decision to allow or deny the visa.

ake the case of a young girl from the province who was interviewed by an American from Alabama with a thick southern accent. “Y’all take recreational drugs?” asked the interviewer. Confused, the girl gave the answer she thought would make the interviewer happy: “Yes”. The visa was immediately denied!

Being poorly prepared is not just risky in this way; it is also very stressful to your Fiancée or Spouse. It is something nobody would wish on someone they loved. Her nervousness will show during the interview and even make the official suspicious that maybe there is really something wrong… perhaps she is really not eligible for a visa and is just trying to cheat her way out of the Philippines and into a better life.

So the interviewer is on high alert, watching for any mistake, any indication of false information which takes the interview to a whole new level, winding up the stress and dramatically increasing the chance of it being denied. It can be a truly shattering experience for your loved one… an experience she may not want to go through a second time!

Women can often walk out of this process after a visa denial, believing they are not really suited to marry you and go to your country. It can really have an impact on their self-esteem and on your relationship, in extreme cases bringing it to an end!

Interview preparation will give your Fiancée or Spouse confidence and peace of mind. Good interview preparation is not coaching the applicant to lie, cheat or be evasive. Preparation should really involve the following:

  • A summary of the type of questions that will be asked to ensure your Spouse or Fiancée has the information to answer them correctly.
  • Training on the culture of the interviewers, getting your Spouse or Fiancée used to the more direct and confrontational style they may face during an interview.
  • Training to stop the interviewer, getting your Spouse or Fiancée used to the more direct and confrontational style they may face during an interview.
  • Training in answering, the questions truthfully to the best of their knowledge and not trying to tell the interviewer what they believe they want to hear.
  • Training in the way to dress, for an interview and how to conduct themselves during the interview.