Why do it myself

Like complicated tax returns, filling out visa and immigration paperwork can be a stressful and intimidating process. One simple mistake or oversight will result in costly, complex and lengthy delays. Having to re-do and re-submit your visa and immigration application papers will make you wait many extra months for your fiancée’s immigration approval and, in some instances, jeopardize the entire procedure.

This is a situation where it pays you to work with a professional – someone who deals with every aspect of the immigration and visa application process from K-1 Fiancée, Spousal or the new K-3 visa. Someone that does these applications on a daily basis. Someone who will get it done for you quickly, and most importantly, correctly, the first time, every time. That’s our promise and commitment to our valued clients.



There are many attorneys who advertise visa services for the Philippines and these are fine (at substantially higher prices) as far as they go. What they don’t tell you about, and can’t offer, are the additional full support services that Olvis provides for you and your fiancée, both in the U.S. and in the Philippines, throughout the entire immigration process.

We work directly with the various governmental agencies involved on a daily basis. We know all the local laws, regulations and requirements for immigration firsthand, and stay up to date on any changes in those requirements as they may occur. We are right here to assist both you and your fiancée through each step of the process.

Our Philippine staff is fluent in your fiancée’s native dialect, so she will feel comfortable and confident as we assist her through all the visa application steps that she will need to take.



With 30+ years of experience, offices in both the U.S. and the Philippines, and lower prices than attorneys charge for just completing the INS paperwork, Olvis Immigration and Travel handles the entire immigration process for you, from the time you first contact us until the time your spouse or fiancée arrives in the USA. Our services include assistance with the following required items, passports, police clearances, authenticated documents, medical, CFO classes and all other documents required by both the Philippine and United States governments.

Speed, accuracy, and full comprehensive immigration services at low, truly affordable prices, that’s what the friendly and professional staff at Olvis offers you. For questions and any unforeseen problems, we’re never more than a phone call away, any time, any day, until the whole process is complete.

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