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Requirements to verify Income


We have received the approval notice that you have sent us and below is a list of things you need to do right now. As soon as you receive the next letter from the National Visa Center with the MNL number on it and have Faxed that to us then I will call you so that we can complete the affidavit of support form I-134 over the phone then I will send it to you by Email to be signed and returned to us with the rest of your documents listed below. You will need to send everything all together at one time to the Cebu office the address is at the bottom of this letter. DO NOT SEND ANYTHING UNTIL WE DO YOUR AFFIDAVIT ON THE PHONE. QUESTIONS? Call Toll Free 1-866-636-8666 from 10 am til 9 pm Philippine time.

You will need a letter from your employer and a letter from your bank the following is what the letters from your Bank and your employer need to say, the letters should be on Bank or Employer letterhead respectively.

The bank letter should say this and nothing more. It should be on Bank Letterhead, Dated, addressed to “To whom it may concern” and as close as possible to the letter below, they do not want the type of account or the account number Just what is below.

To whom it may concern.

(Your Full Name) has an account at this bank, which was opened on (the date the account was opened).  The total deposits for the last year were (the total amount deposited in the last 12 months) and the present balance is (the amount in the account at the time this letter was written)

Signed (officer of the Bank)

(Title of bank officer) This bank letter is short and to the point it needs nothing else.

Sample employment letter. This letter should also say nothing more than what is below. This should be on company letterhead and dated and addressed to “To whom it may concern”. 

NOTE: This employment letter is not needed if you are self employed. 

To whom it may concern.

(Your full name) is employed by (the full company name) as a (your job title) He has worked for this company since (the date you went to work for them)… He derives an annual salary of approximately (the amount) and his prospects for continued employment are good.

Signed by your supervisor or boss. This is all this letter needs to say, nothing more.

When you get these letters make copies of each and keep them. PLEASE NOTE: These letters do not have to be notarized.

Send the original of each of the above  letters  with the 2 original form I-134’s that I will be sending to you by email or regular mail ,after you have had both of the I-134’s signed and dated, send them along with everything on this sheet to our office in Cebu by Federal Express  (FedEx)  or DHL all at one time.

You’re complete federal tax returns for the last 3 years including your W-2 forms you must enclose the W-2 forms for each year or 1099’s For the requirements here you will only need the current years tax return the 2 previous years you will need later

The original notice of action form I-797 approval notice that you got from the Department of Homeland Security, U S Citizenship and Immigration Services Plus the original of the second letter that comes from the National Visa Center with the MNL number on it, both of these should be originals

Also include your last 12 months bank statements (these may be copies and just the summary sheet) Blackout the account numbers please. All handwritten love letters from your girl  (These need to be the originals with the envelopes) all email correspondence, chats, and any phone bills or used phone cards Keep copies of everything for your files.

Send everything at the same time all together by Federal Express (FedEx) or DHL only, to the address below. NOTE: do not send anything to us by postal mail or UPS

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