Marriage Plans??

Going to the Philippines to get married? Olvis Travel can take care of all wedding preparations. We can handle Church reservations, wedding dresses and Formal Barongs, receptions, honeymoon accommodations, Paperwork such as the “legal capacity to marry” form and the marriage license for both you and your fiancée.

We can assist you with getting the Legal Capacity to marry document from the US Consulate or Embassy, the marriage license, help arrange you’re wedding and wedding reception, purchase wedding attire and rings, and book a romantic, tropical honeymoon destination for you at the very lowest prices. We can then do the complete immigration paperwork for you and your fiancée or spouse, quickly, accurately, and at a fraction of the cost of a US immigration attorney.

We’ll guide you and your fiancée or spouse through every step of the process until the day she gets on the phone. Passports, police clearance, the works! No problem is too complex for Olvis Travel and Immigration! We are your one stop service agency in the Philippines.

We also do hotel reservations, car rentals, guide services, cell phone rentals, and are the most experienced specialists in the preparation of fiancée and spousal visas.

You are always welcome to drop by our office at the Ayala Mall, in Cebu City, Philippines at any time, or call us at (032) 268-8279. Or (032) 231-7625 In the United States you can contact us at 702-655-4578

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