Hiring the wrong people to process your K1, Fiancée or Spousal visa!

Hiring the wrong people to process your Visa!

Wherever there is a need, expert consultants will appear to help with that need and immigration is no different. There is an amazingly diverse group of people who will claim to be able to help you with your Fiancée or Spouse’s visa and many of them will be experts in just a part of the process.

But getting only part of the process right will still result in a Visa denied. You must get everything right to obtain a visa for your Fiancée or Spouse!

People claiming to have expertise in immigration include:

  • Lawyers in the sponsor’s country of origin – They will certainly be able to help the sponsor with the necessary paperwork on his side, but usually have very little knowledge of the Philippines and will be of no help at all to the Filipina Fiancée or Spouse!
  • Lawyers in the Philippines – These people will usually be able to get the Philippine requirements right, but usually offer very little support for the Fiancée or Spouse and she will probably face the interview unprepared.  They also have limited or no knowledge of the sponsor’s side of the process and will give very little support to them. They are also often very difficult to deal with when you are in another country!
  • Travel agents and other people in the Philippines who have limited experience working with Visa processing. This industry has sprung up quite recently and these people will offer a very low cost, low quality service. Their lack of experience will begin to show as you go part way through the process. Important things will be overlooked and there will be little preparation for either party.

Unfortunately, you get what you pay for with immigration services too. Somebody who is cheap is cheap for a reason, they are usually just starting out, or they are desperate for clients because they are not getting referrals from anybody.

Their communication is notoriously bad. When you call their line, you will usually get somebody who barely speaks English, who will simply tell you the person you are looking for is “Not around”.

The low cost operators live for the “Deposit”. They are continually chasing the next deposit, leaving the hard work to later and you waiting endlessly to have your Fiancée or Spouse’s visa processed!

If you truly love your Fiancée or Spouse, why put her fate and yours in the hands of the lowest bidder?

Saving money on your immigration specialist is false economics in the extreme! The money you save will quickly be eaten up by additional airfares, accommodation and loss of income when your Visa is denied and you have to go through the whole process again. Not to mention the frustration and stress suffered by both you and your Fiancée or Spouse… It is just not worth it!

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