Getting a CR1 Spouse Visa

To petition your wife or husband from the Philippines, you will need a CR1 Spouse Visa. CR1 Visas are immigrant visas that are issued to foreign spouses of American citizens. The visa process is to be completed by the foreign spouse outside the United States, after the US citizen spouse files and approves the proper petition with the USCIS. Upon its issuance and approval, the foreign spouse may enter the United States with their visa and pass through the arrival port of entry where they can become a permanent resident immediately. The Green Card or Permanent Resident Card will be received in the mail at their US address in a few weeks. To properly obtain the CR1 visa, the American citizen and his foreign husband or wife must be legally married; they should have had a civil or church wedding and have authenticated their registrar marriage certificate at the NSO in the Philippines. If you are not married, you may use a K1 Fiancée visa. The US Law does not allow polygamy, so if either individual has been married before, there should be evidence that all previous marriages have been annulled. If applicable, a death certificate or divorce certificate that indicates the marriage has been terminated should be submitted. Divorce or death certificates must be certified copies, since this will be required by USCIS.

There only difference between the Immediate Relative IR1 Visa and the Conditional Resident CR1 Visa is the USCIS issues the CR1 visa to couples who have been married less than two years and the IR1 visa for those who have been married more than 2 years.

The average time to get a CR1 or IR1 visa is approximately 9 to 12 months from the date of filing. An American citizen cannot take his or her Filipino spouse back to the United States right after the marriage until the visa has been issued.

To know more about how to file a CR1 or IR1 visa, contact Olvis Immigration and Visa Services today. We will be more than happy to answer your inquiries and assist you on obtaining your visa every step of the way.

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