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Free Pickup and Tour Service

Free Tour, Travel Support and More

Full-service from arrival to departure.

Unique Free Service

Olvis Travel and Immigration can provide you with a unique free service, where we will bring your girlfriend/fiancée and her friends or relatives (max of 5) , who are in Cebu, to the airport to meet and greet you (we use a 15 passenger air conditioned van). We will then drive you to your hotel (within Cebu City only).

Book Your Own Hotel

You may book your own hotel, or if you prefer, you may have us book your hotel for you. If you haven’t already made a reservation, we can handle this for you upon your arrival.

Complimentary Half-day City Tour

The day after your arrival, after you’ve had some time to rest up from your long journey, we will provide a complimentary half day city tour for you and your lady friend/fiancée and up to 5 additional guest. We’ll need a minimum of 2 foreign visitors for the tour, so bring along someone who you met on the plane or at your hotel, along with his girlfriend/fiancée and again a maximum of 5 of their friends and/or relatives.

Cashing Traveler's Checks

We also cash American Express Travelers Checks, as long as they’re denominated in U.S. Dollars and you have the original purchase receipt along with them. These are quite difficult to exchange in the Philippines, but we’re happy to be able to provide this service as well. Please take note travelers checks that are denominated in Euros, pounds or any currency other than U.S. Dollars cannot be exchanged.

Briefing and Orientation

We’ll give you a briefing on “what to do and what to avoid” while you are here in the Philippines, in order to make your visit more pleasurable and productive.

Photocopies Of Your Documents

We will make photo copies of your passport and airline tickets, so that if you should lose them, they can be easily replaced.

Forex, Phone and Fax Services

We offer foreign monetary exchange services, to convert your currency into pesos. We also offer free Phone and FAX service for our clients to the USA, Canada, the UK and Australia as well as most other country's.

Seminar on The Marriage Process

We will also provide a seminar for you and your Fiancée on the marriage process in the Philippines, what your options are, and the ins and outs of the K-1 fiancée visa or the spousal visa if you intend to marry in the Philippines. Your friend or fiancee will have the various procedures explained fully to her in her native language and you will have the process explained to you in detail by our American immigration specialist.

You may reach us through Skype or Viber:
Our team will be happy to assess you or your beneficiary and personally explain our services. Call us right away at our TOLL FREE number or your beneficiary may contact us at one of our local office landline numbers.

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The Toll-Free number is forwarded directly to our Cebu City, Philippines office at no charge to you during normal Philippine business hours.

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