Beware of the scammers

It’s a sad fact of life that wherever you go there’s somebody willing to con you. Unfortunately this is as true in the Philippines as anywhere else.

Not surprisingly, a lot of men are interested in Filipinas but we strongly urge you to be cautious.

If you have any doubts about your chat mate from Cebu, you would be wise to read the following before you send money or travel to Cebu to meet her.

One way to learn more about the person is to have them checked out. Obviously, as a foreigner living thousands of miles away, this is nigh on impossible for you to organise yourself. However, help is at hand!

If you like, we can arrange a meeting with your chat mate and get actual photos of the person you have been corresponding with for a small fee. For details drop us a line after reading this and we can discuss how we can help you.

There are thousands of cons that girls, posing as chat mates from the Philippines, use to lure and manipulate unsuspecting foreigners out of their money. The most common being the use of an attractive young girl’s or movie star’s photo as their own (the hook).

After corresponding for a while, the chances are you will be asked for money for a hospital emergency, essential medication, school tuition, a new cell phone or any number of other vital things. At first, you will have great empathy and will probably shell out the cash.

However, after the second or third request, the majority of foreigners will begin to suspect that they are being taken advantage of or conned. You may ask for some photos of the girl, thinking perhaps that will reassure you of her sincerity. She will likely send topless or nude photos explaining she would only do this for you “the love of her life”. You will not want to offend your chat mate so you will continue sending money.

Now a year or so has gone by, you have sent thousands of dollars and are finally ready to make the trip to Cebu to meet the girl of your dreams. You email your chat mate and inform her that you will be arriving soon with the sole purpose of meeting her. If you get a response at all, it is most likely to be a request for financial assistance for one last matter that must be taken care of before you arrive. A common request in these circumstances is for funds to buy new clothing so you will not be disappointed with her appearance when you meet her or for her transportation expenses to come and meet you. And of course, because you’re now so smitten, you’ll send her the money. She then promises to meet you at the airport when you arrive.

Finally, the long awaited day arrives, you spend thousands of dollars, fly half way around the world and there is no one waiting for you at the airport. You call the cell number she sent you, but there’s no reply. You then spend your entire vacation sitting in your hotel room, bored to death, feeling like a complete fool.

This is just one example of a common con, played out daily in the Philippines. Many of these girls have several foreign chat mates at a time. This is how they support themselves, SO BEWARE!

If any of this sounds familiar, and you would like help verifying your chat mate before you fly half way around the world, drop us a line and we can discuss your situation and tell you how we can assist you during your stay. You may call me TOLL FREE personally at 1-866-636-8666 from the USA to my office in Cebu City from 10 am until 5 pm every day except Sunday.

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