Australia, Canada, UK, USA Visa Processing Agency in Cebu City, Philippines

Olvis Immigration and Travel Services helps you process your Visa application for Australia, Canada, United Kingdom (UK) or USA.

We offer personal step-by-step guidance for our clients. We offer the most extensive customer service in our field. We are dedicated to uniting you with your fiancée or spouse.

  • TOLL-FREE telephone support from the USA/Canada throughout the entire Fiancée/Spousal Visa process.

  • ONLINE Fiancée/Spousal Visa processing so convenient that neither you nor your beneficiary in the Philippines or any other country ever has to come to our office. You and your beneficiary won’t have to run all over town during heavy traffic just to deliver documents or take time off from work.

  • We are the only company of this type uniquely qualified to provide Fiancée/Spousal visa preparation and full support services to US Military personnel and Civilian contract workers in Afghanistan and Iraq. We have provided this service at special rates since 09/11/2001.

  • TOLL-FREE FAX numbers so you do not have to send important documents by mail or more expensive courier services like FedEx or DHL.

  • One of our staff will be dedicated to work with your lady no matter where she is located and is able to communicate in HER language.

  • An American immigration specialist who speaks your language correctly to communicate to you what needs to be done when it needs to be done throughout the entire Fiancée/Spouse Visa process.

  • We do not send out flyers and guides on how to do a K1 K2 K3 or Spouse Visa yourself and then charge you a fee so that ultimately YOU did it yourself and paid someone to watch!

  • You get comprehensive service at a fraction of the cost!

  • Fully accredited by the Philippine Department of Tourism, Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Cebu Association of Tour Operators or CATO.

  • We are the only Fiancée/Spousal Visa processing company whose service covers all phases of travel, immigration and international wedding arrangements, providing support for both you and your Spouse or Fiancée.

  • We are the only Fiancée/Spousal Visa processing company that has an office in the Philippines as well as a document center in the U.S. This allows us to complete the Fiancée/Spouse Visa petition and assist you Fiancée/Spouse to secure the proper required documentation that is required for her various interviews in the fastest possible time with the least amount of problems.

  • We have a 100 % success rate and have had over 15,000 K1/K2, Spousal and K3 Visa applicants approved.

About Olvis Immigration and Travel Services


Olvis Immigration and Travel Services is the leading expert in providing visa processing in Philippines. We also give the most comprehensive, personalized, and quality visa assistance and other travel services.

We are the oldest and most experienced Fiancée/Spousal Visa processing company of this kind in the USA or the Philippines for over 30 years. Our success rate is 100% with over 15,000 k1/k2, Spousal and k3 visa applicants approved.

Established in 1985, We are the leading expert in providing the most comprehensive, personalized, and quality Visa assistance.

A customer-oriented company with a wide range of experience, covering all phases of travel and visa preparation.

We do things right the first time every time. We have provided quality service for over 30 years with a 100% success rate.

The Olvis Guarantee


  • If the client completes all the steps indicated in the instructions provided and does not have the Visa application approved by USCIS because of a defect in the preparation of the Visa paperwork by Olvis Immigration and Travel Service, the buyer will receive a prompt refund of all fees paid to Olvis Immigration and Travel Service.
  • If the visa is being applied for on an exception to the meeting rule and is not granted, Olvis Immigration and Travel Service will produce a second visa package at no additional charge (for the same Fiancée) after the client has met his or her Fiancée to satisfy the requirement.

Our Guarantee applies only to K-1 Fiancée and Spousal IR and CR visas. Refunds are processed upon presentation of a legible copy of the signed and dated Olvis agreement that you signed at the beginning of the process and a clear copy of the denial notice that you received from USCIS.