Olvis Immigration, Visa paperwork preparation and full support services in the Philippines

Established in 1985, Olvis Immigration and Visa Support Services is the leading expert in providing the most comprehensive, personalized, and quality Visa assistance for you and your fiancée or spouse for the K-1/K-2, CR-1, IR-1 or K-3 Visa. Olvis specializes in Immigration paperwork preparation and full support services, throughout the entire process of applying, for the Fiancée K-1/K-2 Visa, Spousal Visa, K-3, Tourist and Partnership visas to the USA, UK, Canada, Australia and most other countries.

Olvis is a customer-oriented company with a wide range of experience, covering all phases of travel, visa preparation and the immigration process. Our offices both in the Philippines and the United States allows us to stay abreast of ever-changing local government immigration policies. Our seasoned and well-experienced staff members are fluent in the native languages of the Philippines and are thoroughly familiar with local customs. This allows us to communicate effectively with our valued clients, as well as immigration authorities. All Visa paperwork we prepare in our offices undergoes meticulous review, ensuring accurate, and mistake-free professional results. We do things right the first time, every time. We have provided quality service for over 30 years with a 100% success rate this makes all the difference.

We caution you to be wary of inexperienced Visa and Immigration operations that promise a lot. This can end up with you left out in the cold and could cost you even more time and money, heartache and frustration, all because of mistakes and inadequate knowledge of the immigration process. Let the experts at Olvis Immigration and Visa Support Services help you. Rest assured, knowing that you’re dealing with the best Visa preparation and support service in the business.

Visa Services
Olvis is a team of Immigration Professionals! We are with you throughout the Visa process, in both your country and in the Philippines with your Spouse or Fiancée. We leave nothing to chance. If we take you on as a client, we guarantee your success!
Travel Services
We know the Philippines like the back of our hand. We make sure you enjoy the vacation of a lifetime. Relax and leave all the hard work and organization to us. We'll organize safe, reliable travel and comfortable accommodation for you!
Annulments & Other Legal Services
The Philippines legal system can be confusing and intimidating when you don't fully understand it. Complex cases like Annulments can seem almost impossible. Relax and leave it to us. We will help you through every step of the process!